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6. Keys to Reaching Goals: Learn from the best

Too often I see clients ignoring the fact that someone has done it before them. There are so many incredible stories and people out there who we can learn from and be inspired by. 

Identify people that have created something you aspire to and learn about them. Listen to their podcasts, follow and engage with them on social media or ask for advice or mentoring. Borrow from them what works and use it in your own authentic way. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

For example, a young person wishing to be a travel photographer can gain a lot from researching industry elders, learning about their path and asking for advice. A mature professional, struggling to rebuild their career due to a life setbacks, will feel empowered by examples of people who have managed to overcome their own setbacks, to own their story and use it as their strength.

Practice: Find 3 to 6 people who inspire you. Immerse yourself in their work, analyze their strategies and paths or ask them for advice or mentoring

Sometimes we just can't avoid paying "school fees", it is a normal part of the learning process. But it is worth doing what you can to learn from other people's lessons.

Learn about the importance of knowing when to ask for help, or when t is time to delegate, in the next blog post.



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