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Ready to take charge of your life and create change consciously?

Masha Stefanovic | NLP Coach | Psychologist

It's time to turn things around

My guiding belief, both personally and professionally, is that life is precious and it deserves to be lived fully. I work with clients who wish to make the most of their lives, by turning around areas that are not fulfilling and creating change that lasts. Whether you are clear on your goals, or just know that something needs to shift, these are the life areas I can help with:

Work & Career Coaching

You are looking to change your career, find a new job or enjoy your work more. You may be dealing with burnout or high pressure environment. 

navigating crisis and change

It happened. You lost your job or your relationship ended. Life did not go as planned. Turn your crisis into stepping stones and use it to grow and thrive.

Relationship Coaching

You long for a partner or wish  to enhance your relationship. You seek a more exciting social life, or better relationships with family, friends or colleagues.  

expat life coaching

You moved to a new country. It is as exciting as it is scary. Get coached through it and speed up the integration into your new expat adventure.

personal growth and development

Get tools to deal with stress and challenges. Be more assertive and confident. Discover what makes you tick and create a more fulfilling life.

existential coaching

Is there more to life? Why are you here? What is YOUR purpose? Explore these questions and create a more meaningful and impactful life.

Before embarking on a coaching journey, finding a coach that is the right fit is key. This initial conversation is a great way to discover if we are a good match. You get to learn about my approach and I get to hear what you are after. Looking forward to connecting with you! 

Ready for the next step?

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