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Relationship Coaching

While relationship coaching often focuses on finding a soulmate or enhancing an existing relationship, it is not limited to the romantic realm. You may simply wish to create a more exciting social life, stronger bond with friends or family, or improve your relationship with colleagues. 

Despite our best intentions, sometimes fears, limiting beliefs and our defence mechanisms prevent us from connecting and loving deeply. I believe that the capacity to love and connect is at the core of happy and fulfilling life, which why I love to support clients looking to create more love and connection. 

Know and love yourself first

We will begin with assessing where you are and where you wish to be, and then set goals and action plan accordingly. However, when it comes to relationships, before springing into action, it is often helpful to gain more awareness on your relational dynamics and communication patterns. Knowing yourself and understanding how your fears and beliefs affect you, is key to transforming your relationships.

Working on your relationship with yourself first is at the core of my approach. The more you truly know, love and accept yourself, the more you are able to create wholehearted and authentic relationships with others. 


Here are some of the goals I can help with:

- Find (and keep) the relationship you long for  

- Bring more connection and joy into an existing relationship

- Transform and heal the relationship with yourself

- Enhance the relational dynamics with your family

- Strengthen professional relationships

- Create an exciting and a meaningful social life

Uncover the blocks to love

Many of us tend to leap into relationships and look for happiness outside of ourselves, forgetting to first address the most important relationship - the one with ourselves. I help clients find and release blocks and blind spots standing in the way of great relationships. Addressing these, paves the way to creating love and connection you long for.


Here are some of the typical roadblocks to love, that you might uncover and resolve in the sessions: 

- Overcome fears of rejection and abandonment

- Transform limiting beliefs 

- Heal negative internalised relational patterns 

- Increase self-love and self-confidence

- Learn to communicate assertively

- Know your boundaries and set healthy ones

- See how you give your power away and reclaim it

- Build a strong and an authentic sense of self

- Learn your attachment style and make adjustments

Truly transforming your relationships takes dedication and courage and I will not tell you otherwise. But every bit of insight you gain, if integrated, opens up space for more love and life to come in. If you feel drawn to step onto this journey, I will be honoured to accompany you every step of the way.

Click here to get more information on the sessions I offer. 

Before embarking on a coaching journey, finding a coach that is the right fit is key. This initial conversation is a great way to discover if we are a good match. You get to learn about my approach and I get to hear what you are after. Looking forward to connecting with you! 

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