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Existential Coaching

Is there more to life? Why are you here? What is YOUR purpose? Explore these questions and create a more meaningful and impactful life.

Existential crisis

For some people this happens earlier, but for most of us there comes a time in our thirties or forties when existential questions start echoing louder from deep within and become difficult to ignore.

This process may begin in different ways. Some people just feel that there must be more to life and embark on a journey of self-exploration, motivated by curiosity and need for deeper meaning. More often though, there is an existential crisis, followed by clarity that something needs to change. For some, the crisis might be that they feel moody and unfulfilled, for others there may be health issues or external sudden change of circumstance. Sometimes, there is an unusual spiritual experience that one just can't make sense of, but feels drawn to explore.

Whatever brought you here, I trust that life always finds a way to reach you, and give you a nudge towards the path that brings you closer to your true self. Listening to the signs and your inner voice, and embracing the journey, is bound to make your life richer and more rewarding. 


Existential coaching differers from other types of coaching in that the exploration itself is usually the goal of the client. And in this case it really is about the journey rather than the destination.

Existential questions

The following questions may come up to be explored in sessions. This is not an exhaustive list, as each journey is different and deeply personal:

- Why am I here? What is my purpose?

- Who am I, underneath all the identities I carry? 

- Who am I beyond my gender, race, nationality, profession, age and so on?

- What does life mean to me? How do I want to live it?

- How do I show up in life? 

- Is there more to life? Is this all there is?

- Am I living fully? Am I allowing all of me to show up? 

- What are my religious or spiritual beliefs? 

- How am I relating to God or higher power?

- What are my beliefs about life and death?

The journey

Whether you are on a full-blown spiritual awakening journey, or would like to get to know yourself better, existential coaching can be of great support on your path. The deep questioning and the answers that may arise can significantly impact all areas of your life: how you show up in the world, how you relate to people, the work you do and what legacy you wish to leave. Thus every time I get to accompany a client on their existential coaching journey, I do so with feeling of awe for the deep work they do and a spark of excitement for doing this work. 

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Before embarking on a coaching journey, finding a coach that is the right fit is key. This initial conversation is a great way to discover if we are a good match. You get to learn about my approach and I get to hear what you are after. Looking forward to connecting with you! 

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