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A successful professional might secretly suffer from anxiety or imposter syndrome. A woman who looks like she has it all, might still doubt herself and look for approval outside. Sometimes you achieve your goals, only to find there is still something preventing your happiness. Addressing low self-esteem, stress and anxiety, or lack of healthy boundaries, to name a few, might be key to overcoming your limits and creating the life you long for. 

Whatever it is that is holding you back, if you can no longer tolerate it and are ready to transform it, then personal growth coaching might be what you need.

Transform what does not serve you

The Personal Growth coaching is a bit like a boot camp for your mental and emotional muscles. We look at your life and situations that you would like to handle more smoothly, and put a programme in place to help you be more aware of your patterns and build the emotional skills you need. 

These are some of the goals and intentions I can help you with: 

- Manage stress and anxiety 

- Overcome the imposter syndrome 

- Build authentic self-confidence 

- Learn to set healthy boundaries 

- Learn to speak up and be assertive 

- Enhance your communication skills 

- Increase your emotional intelligence  

- Identify your fears and manage them 

- Identify your negative beliefs and transform them 

- Learn to manage anger and disappointment


All of us deal with occasional fears, anxiety or difficulties in communication. But if your issues keep recurring and if they dim your life experience, there is no reason to tolerate it. The turning point comes when you stop accepting the status quo and decide to tackle whatever it is that is holding you back. When we have the intention to change and grow, we are able to build new emotional skills and empowering behavioural patterns. 

Click here to get more information on the sessions I offer. 

Before embarking on a coaching journey, finding a coach that is the right fit is key. This initial conversation is a great way to discover if we are a good match. You get to learn about my approach and I get to hear what you are after. Looking forward to connecting with you! 

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