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NLP Coaching | Cape Town | Online


Coaching is an active process that takes real commitment to change your life. Typically, the first few sessions are exciting and things tend to kick off nicely. This is usually followed by a slowing down in the process, which is where it starts to get really interesting. Overcoming the stumbling blocks and discovering the blind spots is where the magic happens.

Online and in-person sessions

Coaching sessions are available online via Skype and Zoom, or in-person for clients based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

You need to consider which way of working is best for you. If you value flexibility and geographical freedom to choose your coach, then online coaching sessions from the comfort of your home or office might be the perfect solution. I find online and face-to-face sessions equally effective, it is really a matter of preference.

Free 30-minute session​​

Before working with me, I will first invite you to have a free 30-minute session in order to gauge whether we would work productively together. This initial session is also an opportunity for you to share your goals and for us to discuss what you wish to achieve. You are also welcome to ask any questions which you may have regarding the coaching process.


60-minute sessions

A standard session typically lasts 60 minutes, best suiting and meeting the needs of most clients. In most cases, I will invite you to practice a new skill or use a new tool in between sessions. This ensures that you integrate the work we do together during coaching sessions into your daily life.


90-minute sessions

A 90-minute session is recommended for our initial meeting. This allows us to dive into the goals and issues, which you would like to resolve and to explore the context in which you have developed, and its role in forming you into the person you are today.


90-minute sessions can also be worthwhile when you are dealing with an acute issue which you wish to give more attention to, or in cases where you would benefit from having an in-depth planning or visualization session.


​​Half-day sessions

Whilst 60- and 90-minute sessions meet the needs of most clients, half-day sessions can be organized for clients who need an urgent breakthrough. These sessions are custom designed, require preparation ahead of time and are subject to availability.


Session frequency

Session frequency is really up to you, your needs and your budget. It often depends on how acute or urgent your situation is.


For clients who wish to progress quickly, I find that weekly sessions work best in the beginning. They allow us to keep the momentum going, address the most urgent issues and equip you with tools to manage and cope in challenging situations. After frequent initial sessions, clients usually feel that they are ready to schedule sessions every second week.


For some, weekly sessions feel too intense or do not fit into their busy schedules. In these cases, we work out the session frequency in light of all factors involved.


Click here to find out more about my coaching approach. For session fees please email

Before embarking on a coaching journey, finding a coach that is the right fit is key. This initial conversation is a great way to discover if we are a good match. You get to learn about my approach and I get to hear what you are after. Looking forward to connecting with you! 

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