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3. Keys to reaching Goals: Uncover beliefs that limit you

The biggest obstacles to our dreams often hide within. All of us carry some unconscious limiting beliefs. Deeply rooted beliefs such as "Life is difficult (or unfair)", "I will never be good enough", "Money is dirty", "God is punishing" or "Love hurts" are bound to keep you stuck if you do not address them. 

As an example, a social entrepreneur might hold unconscious negative beliefs about money and success. A man looking for a soulmate might carry a belief "If I open up - I will be hurt". An aspiring actor auditioning for roles might hold a belief that it is safer to stay small.

The good news is that these beliefs only hold power until you become aware of them. As soon as you discover what they are - you can take the power back and replace them with more helpful ones.  

Practice: Come up with at least 10 to 12 words or concepts linked to your goal. For example, for a professional goal, you may write "I am ...", "Work is...", "Money is..", "Success is..", "Failure is..", "Asking for help is..". The more you come up with, the better. Now write them down vertically on a piece of paper, one statement under the other and then complete each sentence with the first thought that springs to mind. If you are really honest with your answers, some might surprise you.

Beliefs form as a result of our life experiences. Some come from our childhood, others may be passed through generations, or may come from the cultural or religious environment we grew up in. The key is to identify the belief that isn't serving you and question its validity. Find examples and facts that challenge your limiting belief. Ask where is it coming from. And also ask - what belief would be more helpful for me in this moment?

Teasing out and shifting your limiting beliefs on your own may not be an easy task, so you might want to get additional support. Read books on overcoming limiting beliefs, do an online course, watch online videos or find an experienced coach or a therapist. 

Along with beliefs, our fears also play a big role in limiting us and controlling our behaviour. Next, read up on the power that fears hold, learn how to uncover unconscious ones and explore what your fears are.

4. Keys to Achieving Goals: Know Your Fears

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