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1. Keys to Achieving Goals: Know Your True “Why"

Even though this might seem counter-intuitive - we are seldom aware of our true motivations. When I ask clients why they want to reach their goal, the initial and obvious reasons given are seldom the genuine ones. This is a missed opportunity, as connecting to the core need behind your goal is the driving force to reach it.

Let’s illustrate this with a simple example. A client aims to get a promotion at work. On the surface, they might seek to do so because they believe that a new position will be more fulfilling. However, on a deeper level, one person might be looking for the material safety that it brings. Another client might be attempting to feel worthier of respect and attention, or might be looking to gain more power.

Motivation exists in layers. Once you have a deeper understanding of the core need behind your motivation - you are able to reassess whether the goal you have chosen is the best way to meet your need, and – if so – it will create a powerful pull towards it.

Practice: Take time to journal and ask yourself - why does this goal matter to me? Why is it important? What will it bring me? Write down the answers and keep exploring. How will I feel once I've reached it? What will it mean for me if I reach it? Keep digging until you have your "Aha!" moment. Be brutally honest, no one is watching. Even if what you find is not flattering, welcome it and give yourself credit for being honest.

To discover the next key to reaching your goals, read about the importance of visualising it as if you have achieved it, and learn what it means if you are struggling to imagine it.


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