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8. Keys to Reaching Goals: Celebrate all success

And finally, I notice that clients so often forget to celebrate their victories. When your goal is a long-term one, it is crucial that you celebrate the completion of each small milestone. Even if your business is still miles away from breaking even or you still lack qualifications to get that dream job, make sure that you acknowledge and celebrate the completion of each step that is getting you closer.

Train yourself to be your own cheerleader. This will keep you motivated and will give you a sense of achievement along the way.

Practice: Journal while considering the following questions. How good am I at celebrating my success? How can I create my own way of celebrating milestones? What does celebration mean to me? How can I reward myself? Do I judge celebration in any way?

This might seem self-indulgent to those brought up in strict families, where praise was scarce. If this is you, it is even more important that you start celebrating reaching your milestones.

If you are working on a goal - try out some of the practices above and let me know in the comments if they worked for you. Happy goal reaching!

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