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5. Keys to Reaching Goals: Chunk it

We are being told to dream big, but big dreams can feel overwhelming. I often see clients risking giving up their goals just because they appear to be unachievable. Breaking down your big goal into smaller sub-goals and actionable steps will allow you to achieve almost anything.

An example of this may be that you want to create your own Youtube channel. If you have no prior experience - splitting this goal into sub-goals might make it feel less daunting. Some of the sub-goals might be to establish a budget, learn about the video, audio and lighting equipment, gain editing and scriptwriting skills or learn to speak in front of the camera.

A clear plan consisting of achievable action steps has several benefits. It gives you a realistic picture of the resources and time needed to get there. Tackling one action at a time creates a sense of achievement and gives you the energy to move forward. Even if your final goal still seems distant - it can help you feel in control of the process.

Practice: Take some time to write down what your BIG goal is. Now break it into sub-goals and steps that you need to take in order to reach it. If these still feel overwhelming - keep on going until each step genuinely feels doable.

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