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7. Keys to Reaching Goals: Embrace help

If you are a natural at asking for help or knowing when to delegate, keep it up - most people aren’t. Another pitfall I see in my practice is when clients believe that they must do everything on their own. Failing to ask for help, or to delegate when needed, may result in frustration and feeling of stuckness, as one's resources are not invested most wisely.

A part-time admin assistant might free up your time to do more impactful work. A social media consultant might save you hours and multiply your income. A systems engineer might help streamline your processes and make your operations run smoother.

On a deeper level, working with a coach or a therapist can help you identify and address the patterns that limit you. If your patterns keep repeating or your efforts are hampered by negative beliefs and fears, working with a professional can make a tremendous difference.

Practice: Take time to journal and ask yourself the following. How good am I at getting help? What is the cost of me not asking for help? How would my life be if I accepted help? Is there anything I could use help with? What are my beliefs about asking for help? Do they serve me?

Some believe that asking for help implies weakness. In truth, it takes a lot of courage to ask for, and be able to receive help.

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